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Rubies Africa is an app where you will discover and read African stories and poems with voice overs and high quality illustrations for readers of all ages.

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The Rubies Africa app publishes short African stories and poems with voice overs and captivating illustrations on each page.

Perfect for both kids and adults, the stories on this app present African concepts, ideologies, culture, and beliefs to expose our readers to African history, fairy tales, and stories in a fun and engaging way.

The Second-Best Celebration after Christmas

There are many aspects of this holiday that makes it give Christmas a run for its money. Find out why this holiday remains a memorable one for Igbo people.

Sound: Tenderness

Age Group: 7-12 and 13 and above

Author(s): Ngozi Ilondu

Illustrator(s): Luh Romeo

Editor(s): Kristen Klepac

Creative Director: Titi David Oni

African Authors. Quality Illustrations.

Our authors come from all over Africa, allowing for a variety of ideologies and concepts in our short stories.

Enjoy high-resolution and colorful graphics, more than 850 gorgeous pictures on every page, easy navigation, and accompanying music for each story.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

A young girl narrates her experience visiting her cousin in the city of Akure.

  • Laid-back: relaxed, easy going
  • Subside: calm, lessen
  • Spicy: peppery
  • Irresistible: tempting or attractive
  • Coincidence: when two or more similar things happen at the same time, in a way that is surprising
  • Big Mommy: a nickname for an older, motherly figure, separate from a person’s actual mother

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Whether you grew up in Africa, have visited, or just want to learn more about the wonderful continent, these stories will have something for you.